What Were the Steps on Your Path?

This handout is designed to help people understand the things that led up to their involvement with crime so they can avoid repeating these problems. The statements on both sides of the path are things people say that caused them to get into trouble. Some things may also be statements people make to get out of taking responsibility for their actions. People take statements from either side of the path that apply to their journey towards crime and write them in the path. This process requires introspection and reflection on the past. The end result with the statements in the path provides a powerful visual message about the triggers that they should avoid to keep out of the legal system. This handout can also be used in a group work format with people interviewing each other and putting things on the path based on what the other person said. The completed handouts can be presented to the group.

Some people may be in denial and not list all the right things. Through your counseling, you may see things they did not put on the path. You should have an appropriate counseling conversation with them about these issues to help them overcome their denial. It is a major sign of progress when people actually get objective enough to put all the right things in the path.

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