1. There are a lot of webinar presenters. If we haven’t attended Larry’s webinars, how do we know his webinars are right for our needs?

Larry has been doing webinars since 2005. He has done more than 300 webinars for a wide variety of organizations including government agencies, America’s Job Centers, workforce boards, community colleges, nonprofits, training providers, social services and many other types of organizations.

Please click on the box titled Why Organizations Use Larry Robbin Webinars in the webinar information chart to learn more about the particular reasons people choose Larry as their webinar presenter. Also click on the box titled Organizations That Have Used Larry Robbin Training to learn more about his clients.

Larry’s webinars are extremely popular. His webinars hold the attendance records for public webinars sponsored by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, the National Youth Employment Coalition and the California Workforce Association.

To see some examples of Larry’s webinars and virtual keynote presentations, go to his LinkedIn profile at and on the first page on the left side you will see Providing Training. Click on Show Details for more information to see some of his webinar presentations.

2. Sometimes people in management feel that webinars are not a deep enough learning experience. How does Larry address that issue?

When you book Larry’s services he will send you a management guide to improve the webinar learning experience. These are things that managers and supervisors can do both before and after the webinar to ensure that the learning experience leads to transforming the way people work.

Also, Larry has spent a lot of time developing a very engaging webinar style and he likes to describe it as reaching through the screen to connect with people. Here is an unsolicited quote about his webinar skills from an attendee of one of his webinars.

“ I really appreciated the practical, clear information you shared, as well as your delivery, so I can tell that you put a lot of effort into making your webinars useful for folks - and it's definitely working I am honestly not typically a fan of webinars because I feel like they frequently fail to engage their audience (the virtual format definitely makes this harder, in my opinion) and usually lack concrete guidance and examples that folks who are working in that space can immediately start to put into practice, so yours was extremely refreshing in that it kept me engaged and offered practical tips that my team and I can start using immediately. Thank you again! ”

Lindsey Forsythe (MSW)
Director of Employer Relations St. Louis Youth Jobs

3. Larry offers over 100 webinar topics. How do we make sure that we are getting the right webinar for our needs?

When you email Robbin and Associates and let Larry know what your goals are for the training, Larry will set up a time to have a conversation with you to help guide you through a process that will make it possible to select the best webinar or webinars that will meet your goals. This webinar needs assessment process ensures that you are getting the exact training for your needs.

4. What is the cost of Larry’s webinars?

When Larry talks with you about selecting a topic or topics and finds out more about what you need, he will be able to quote a fee. The fee can vary depending on how many webinars you want, whether or not the webinars will be redesigned and customized, whether he is creating a new webinar for you, how long the webinar is and other factors.

Please note that while the variables listed above can affect the price, the following aspects of the webinars are always part of the way Larry charges for the webinars.

A. You can have as many people as you like take the webinar without any additional cost. Webinar fees are based on the number of webinars and other factors and not the number of attendees.

B. You can cosponsor the webinar with as many organizations as you like and share the cost. The cost will not change regardless of how many partner organizations are involved. Larry can send you a list of the types of organizations that have cosponsored his webinars. This can be helpful to you as you consider the option of having cosponsors.

C. At your discretion, you can charge for the webinar. Also, you can decide to open up the webinar to the general public with or without a fee. If you decide to open up the webinar to the general public with or without a fee, Larry will provide you with some free consulting time to help you get as many people as possible to attend the webinar.

D. The fee includes permission for the webinar sponsor to record his webinars at no extra cost. This is exceedingly rare in the world of webinar presentations. The vast majority of webinar presenters either do not allow people to record the webinars or they charge an additional fee for recording. The recording is helpful so that people that could not attend the live webinar can still take the training. Recordings can also be used as part of the onboarding process for new staff or as a refresher training so skill levels can be maintained in the organization. Organizations that use a number of Larry’s webinars can develop a training library that can be accessed by their staff and management.

5. Does Larry provide consulting and coaching services?

Yes. Larry provides virtual consulting and coaching services. Please click on consulting and coaching services in the chart of the webinar topics for further information. You can find the chart under the webinar topics tab on the home page of his website.

6. Does Larry provide in-person services?

Larry is immunocompromised so he does not provide in-person services.

7. Does Larry offer virtual keynote and other types of speeches?

Yes. Please click on the virtual keynote and other speeches in the chart of the webinar topics for further information.

8. Does Larry offer recorded webinars?

No. All of Larry’s webinars are done live. This makes it possible for him to customize his remarks and allows time for a breakout room with structured peer cross training and time for questions and answers.

9. How long are Larry’s webinars?

Larry’s webinars can be done in versions that are one to two hours in length.

10. How much time in advance should we think about in terms of booking Larry’s services?

Larry’s services are in high demand, and it is not unusual for him to be booked months in advance. While cancellations and rescheduling can occasionally occur that will open up a date earlier on his calendar, it is a good idea to contact him as soon as possible once you want to talk about getting on his calendar.