"The evaluations of Larry's trainings are always off the charts. He has uncanny ability to connect with everyone in the room.
Time after time, we hear participants say 'this is the best training I've ever been to."'

Melinda Clemmons
Communications Manager
Foster Youth Alliance
"I still remember and use things I learned from Larry in consulting sessions more than 15 years ago.
If you have a chance to consult with Larry, don't miss it!"

Jim Torrens Program Manager
Insight Center for Community Economic Development
National Network of Sector Practitioners
"Larry has trained more professionals in workforce development than anyone I know. I've never see such positive and glowing evaluations consistently come back from any other trainer. He is a giant in this field!"

John Baker
President Strategies for the Future
National Workforce Development Consultant

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As someone with a long career in workforce development including working for the Department of Labor and being a Director of a Workforce Development Board, I have had an opportunity to be acquainted with the work of the majority of the national trainers and consultants in the workforce development field. I have used the training and consulting services of Larry Robbin on many occasions. I think that he provides some of the highest quality and most innovative services of anyone in the field. His work is the state-of-the-art and yet very practical. Larry transforms the work people are doing to higher levels and helps his training attendees and consulting clients get results they never imagined. I highly recommend him to any organization.


Bob Lanter, Executive Director of the California Workforce Association



Working with Larry has been one of the single best professional development experiences of my career. He has incredible breadth and depth of experience and expertise. As he develops his service strategies, Larry has the rare ability to connect with people with severe and multiple barriers to employment and solicits their feedback about how to improve the programs designed to serve them. He uses the same kind of feedback strategy with his private sector employer clients to shape his approaches. As a result, his work is guided by a unique and powerful combination of the needs of job seekers with barriers to employment and the employers that hire them. He does this just as effectively as he trains thousands of front line staff and management or advises nonprofit, government and private sector leaders. I would strongly recommend Larry to any organizations hoping to strengthen their workforce programs, funders seeking to deepen their own expertise, or anyone looking for best-in-class training and consulting services in the workforce development field.


Elena Chavez Quezada, Program Officer for the Haas Foundation

Co-chair of the Bay Area Workforce Funders Collaborative and Co-chair of the the Bay Area Asset Funders Network

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