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Sponsored by the California Workforce Association

Presented by Larry Robbin

Executive Director of Robbin and Associates

  April 21 – Oakland    April 28 – Sacramento

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This powerful workshop will reinvent how you go about increasing employment motivation in adults and youth with little or no work history and low levels of interest in going to work.  No matter what population you serve or your type of program, if you want to increase employment motivation, do not miss this workshop.  You will learn from a revealing survey about the transformations that occurred in over 500 people that started out with “no work no way” attitudes and then went on to become employed.  These work resistant individuals had multiple and severe barriers to employment and yet they ended up changing their outlook, overcoming their challenges and becoming part of the workforce.  Find out from the perspectives of hard-to-employ people themselves why much of what we are currently doing to increase employment motivation is not working.

Learn how to change your program design and direct services to transform them into a dynamic springboard of employment motivation.  Discover the power of shifting your motivation work from the traditional information based approach to a new role model concept.   Find out why our current approaches do not match the reality of what it really takes to help people go through the transition to employment.  In workforce development, we tend to use generic approaches to increasing employment motivation.  These one size fits all strategies do not go deep enough to activate the real change triggers in people.  They also miss the specific motivational interests of each individual.  What we need to develop are customized motivation plans tailored to those special things that will stimulate interest in employment in each of the hard-to-employ.  That is what this training will give you!

This workshop will teach you how to identify which of the six motivational forces will trigger more interest in employment in each individual.  Learn to distinguish your motivators from those of other people and you can focus on the things that create change in them!

Find out how to do a motivation assessment and create the plan that unleashes the personal motivational forces of change.  Learn how to uncover hidden motivation blockers and get them out of the way of the pathway to employment!


Get innovative ideas for using program alumni, videos and pictures about jobs, role models, employer involvement in your program and other strategies to create a compelling environment for employment progress!


Get a set of unique highly effective handouts for work with the hard-to-employ that will create new levels of enthusiasm for going to work.


You will leave this session with a completely new toolbox of motivational strategies that will take people from low employment motivation to high levels of desire to start working!  Register now before the trainings are sold out!   Register at

http://calworkforce.org/eventpage/you-can-be-a-change-agent/.  For questions contact mbailey@calworkforce.org.


Larry Robbin, Executive Director of Robbin and Associates, has over forty-five years of experience in workforce development.  Larry is widely regarded as a national expert in the workforce development field.  He has trained more than 100,000 people, presented at over 500 conferences and worked with more than 1000 workforce organizations.  Larry has done more training for the California Workforce Association and the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals than any other trainer.  He has played a leading role in the design of more than 150 programs and projects successfully linked all types of hard-to-employ populations with jobs and careers.  For more information about Larry, to get free handouts and resources and to sign up for his free newsletter go to www.LarryRobbin.com.