This handout is deceptively simple, but it is a very powerful tool for increasing employment motivation in people with low levels of interest in getting a job. In a conversation with people, you help them list in the left column the things that will benefit them when they go to work. On the right side, you talk about the things they will lose when they go to work. No one can deny that an unemployed parent will lose time with their children when they go to work. On the other hand, the parent staying unemployed and not being able to role model working or teach their children how to get a job will most likely guarantee their children a life of poverty. The counter balance from the loss of time with children is a better life out of poverty for those children. Which is more important that win or that loss? This debate between the advantages and disadvantages of employment is already going on in the minds of many of the people in your program. If you work the form with them in an objective and non-judgmental fashion, you will help them see the pros and cons of going to work. If the factors in the win column are stronger and more meaningful for them, this process will help to increase their employment motivation.

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