Management Consulting

"Larry is a compelling, thoughtful management consultant whose advice and counsel, ideas and presentation style are spot-on. Larry's wealth of wisdom is relevant, inspiring and always interesting. The content, format, order and handout materials were clear, concise and thorough. He provided useful tips and tools that will help build upon our relationships with private sector businesses and organizations to grow and sustain our programs. The session included many examples of best practices that can be immediately put to use. This time was well worth it and yielded a quick and positive return on investment. We met with a foundation representative after consulting with Larry. We only had fifteen minutes and got $2500 in funding and we hope to get even more. That would not have happened without the consulting time spent with Larry Robbin."

Lori Higa
Development Director
Asian Neighborhood Design

Imagine putting forty-five years of national experience with over 1000 organizations coupled with state-of-the-art ideas to work on your management challenges. It will turn your management challenges into success stories! That is what you will get when you use Larry’s management consultation services. Here are a few examples of how people use his consulting services:

Program Improvement and New Program Developments

Reinvent any aspect of job seeker services or the entire service delivery model using state-of-the-art strategies that eliminate barriers to employment faster and more thoroughly than current practices.  Whether it is adding new services, working with different populations or meeting new performance standards, Larry can help you make your new program developments exceed your expectations.  If you want to see the program areas Larry can help you with click here.

Management Consultation

Larry provides a comprehensive and highly customized set of management consultation and coaching services for your program leaders so they can take the organization closer to the state-of-the-art in your field.

Participant Recruitment

Combine private sector marketing strategies with the feedback from disengaged populations about what it takes to attract them. Add cutting-edge recruitment ideas and you will meet your recruitment goals faster and with less time and expense.  If you want to see the populations that Larry can help you recruit click here.


Create improved assessment practices specifically for your needs and populations that build on strengths, reveal hidden barriers and generate practical and attainable plans for employment and other forms of progress. Make assessment an engaging and motivating activity.

Curriculum Development

Develop powerful change oriented curriculums for job search workshops, life skills programs, job clubs, soft skills development, career planning and self-sufficiency strategies etc.

Program and Job Retention

Use an innovative pro-active retention problem prevention model that makes retention a core element in all your pre and post program services. This unique approach will keep people in your program and on the job.

Private Sector Relationships

Learn to think like businesses and go from placement to in-depth partnership relationships that bring funding, volunteers, joint projects, internships, work experience, subsidized employment, a Business Advisory Board and much much more. Private sector sales and marketing strategies will take job development and business services to new levels of success even in the recession.

Talent Development

Make your organization a magnet for attracting, retaining and engaging the top talent to staff and manage your program. Find out how to get the employee of the future that will take your program to new levels of success!

Special Projects

Work on diverse customized initiatives for organizations. Services are designed around projects of all sizes designed to improve organizational capacity in a variety of ways.

"In our management consulting sessions and staff trainings with Larry, he provided a wealth of information and strategies that were able to use immediately to improve our work. He provided guidance about how to launch an Employer Advisory Board as well as helping us improve our customer service and internship sites to create a more competitive pool of job ready candidates. Larry uses a formula that stands the test of time for building better relationships with employers and clients. He really cares about job seekers and employers and his work changes lives for the better. His services would be a significant asset to any organization."

Stella Becerra
General Manager
Mission Hiring Hall, Inc. / South of Market Employment Center